Creative solutions can help make the most of science stories, bringing findings alive for the viewer.


Concise writing with clarity and gravitas. Visual content to increase shares and broadcast coverage.


High impact broadcast, print and online news coverage. Targeted coverage to achieve strategic goals.

Who we are

Communications consultant
Freelancer designers
Camera operators
Freelance editors
UK, Europe, US


Scientific publishers
Science institutes
Research comms depts
University spin-outs
Scientific funders

What we do

Media campaigns
Press briefings
Science writing
GIFs, infographics, footage

About us

Science communications consultant with over 20 years' experience.

Freelance designers for GIFs and infographics. For broadcast-quality footage, camera operators local to your organisation.


Media coverage can help you achieve strategic objectives.

Showcase your scientific excellence. Influence, improve understanding, boost altmetrics, catalyse new academic and industry partnerships. Generate impact.


Get in touch if you need extra capacity in your team, would like regular support or would benefit from fresh strategic input to boost your coverage and profile.

“With a press briefing to international journalists, Zoe helped promote our study about new Australopithecus footprints. With coverage including Nature, New Scientist, The Guardian and Forbes we couldn’t have been happier”. 

Dr Marco Cherin, University of Perugia

“When your team is swamped with calls for a big story, Zoe is a great help because she rolls up her sleeves and jumps right in. She can think on her feet, takes direction well, and is a champion for evidence-based news and policy.”

Dr Chris Creese (former Communications Manager, Oxitec)

“Zoe really enjoys developing new strategy and the extra results that seeing through a strategic approach can generate. She is really good at coming up with ideas for broadcast and making them happen.”

Professor Anne Osbourn, Director, Norwich Research Park Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy Alliance

“I highly recommend Zoe. She was sharp, focused, proactive and creative in helping promote The Sainsbury Lab’s science. Several of her press releases went viral in no small part thanks to her efforts and direct networking with the media.”

Professor Sophien Kamoun, former Head of the Sainsbury Laboratory
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