About Us

A science communications consultant with over 20 years’ experience in TV, public relations, science writing and brand management. I provide strategic communications advice and support to organisations conducting, funding or publishing scientific research. I deliver a strategic approach for complex and sometimes controversial subjects.

I can help you achieve your objectives. You might want to maximise the reach and impact of new research findings, target specific stakeholders and audiences, forge new partnerships, showcase your scientific excellence and raise the profile of your brand.

I specialise in science because it’s as important and interesting to me as it is to you. While researching wildlife TV programmes the subjects I covered included primate behaviour, rainforest canopy ecology and fish defence mechanisms. While managing communications for the Norwich Bioscience Institutes I wrote about nutrition, gut health, fundamental plant science, biochemistry, microbial science, metabolic diversity and computational biology among many other subjects.

As a freelance communications consultant, I have written about and developed content for research in many disciplines including neuropsychology, cancer biology, artificial intelligence, palaeontology, animal cognition, molecular biology, anthrozoology and vector-borne diseases including Zika.

Developing ideas for digital content can bring your area of science alive for a wider public and help improve altmetrics. I work with designers to produce GIFs and infographics.

Providing footage can also be valuable for many outlets including broadcasters. I work with camera operators worldwide to secure broadcast-quality footage.